Worldcup Mexico coming up!




Hello everybody,

the picture I posted is from Huatulco and it looks a bit like holiday, but actually I`m here to race the World Cup on sunday.

As you probably read in my last posts I was injured at the beginning of the year and a bit sick in Sydney WTS. Lots of things played together but I`m lucky to have some people around to bring everything in perspective again.

Everybody talks about olympic points these days and people chase points all around the world and lots of them get burned, injured or are just dead in august. And Yes I got a bit caught up as well in december and hurt my leg. 

After being healthy again in February, I could have made the decision to go straight into full and hard training again, or to trust my points pillow and make a good lonterm build up.

I choosed the later one to give myself the best shot on the 7th of August in London. Its probably not a medaille, but I want to have the best race I possibly can do to represent my country Austria.

So we started to build a good base without too much traveling and actually I`m still in base phase and we only did a couple of quicker sessions. Week by week I`m getting stronger and its nice to feel that the training works. 

The world cup on the weekend is another step in the right direction and its gonna be a taff one, with a very hilly bike and the temperature around 40deg. I hope to get the best possible at the moment out of my body and a better performance then my last race in Mooloolaba!

After that I will race San Diego WTS a few days later, before I head home to Austria to finish a good base block until middle of June.

Cheers Andi 


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