WTS Sydney report:

Hi everybody,

after Mooloolaba I had two really good and consistent weeks of training. The swimming was feeling very good in the pool and I managed to do two weeks in a row with around 80km of running without any leg problems. We have no intention to rush anything and just try to build week by week up to a normal volume again. And we are very close to that:)

Unfortunately on the last fast session (some mini Tris) in pretty cold condition, I managed to pick up quite a strong head cold. Great timing when the Sydney WTS race is only six days away. Everything was booked, so I traveled up to Sydney and stayed in bed until one day before the race, when I felt a bit better, I tried to get the body moving again.

Already on the warm up for the race I was feeling rubbish and that didn`t change during the race:) Somehow I managed to swim solid again and after one lap on the bike I was in the big pack. The bike was very hectic and my legs were just flat, so I cycled most of the time on the back and tried to stay out of trouble. At the end of the bike I felt quite exhausted, but into T2 I was not too bad placed.

On the run I tried to follow some legs, but no chance, absolutely out of energy. The body was shutting down and I couldn`t even push it hard. So after 5km I went out of the race, not to make even more damage.

I`m already back in Canberra now and try to get healthy in the next two days, before I get into the next bigger block of training to get fit for Huatulco WC. This time I try not get sick:)!! So no drama, just head down and get going again!

cheers Andi


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