Finally back on track!


Hello everybody,

it`s been a while since my last blog entry and also since I moved to Australia. It was a long and painful winter, which started with a few good training weeks back in austria in december until I got stopped by a leg injury.

I arrived quite broken in Canberra in January and wasn`t able to run or bike for nearly five weeks. In that time I was struggling quite a bit on the body side to get healthy again and also on the mental side, since nobody could really tell me how long it takes to be back on track.

It helped a lot to come back to my coach, training partners and especially our new rehab man Rick, who did a great job! My flat mate and good friend Bart Aernouts was also a great support and he inspired me with the great training he did, while I was watching from the side line.

Lots of rehab hours later, the body showed finally some signs of recovering and we constantly started to build my training. The coach calls it “slow rushing”, so basically we looked from day to day and did as much as my legs could handel. It was my first real injury, but after a while you start to accept it and I learned a lot from that.

We found a lot of weak points and I should come out stronger on the other end of the tunnel. The last four to five weeks were my only proper real training weeks and there wasn`t any time to get me race ready for the World Cup in Mooloolaba.

But there is no rush, so we can build up some good base now and get fitter week by week!

So Mooloolaba was my first hit out of the year and it felt good being able to race again. My swim was solid, so was the bike, only on the run I felt the lack of milage and intensity. The run course is also one of the thoughest on the circuit, which didn`t help:) I managed to finish in the top 30 in a very strong field, with lots of people being in great shape already, and I collected some good olympic points. So all in all a great weekend!

I`m back in Canberra now so far I have a great week of training and the race certainly helped to lift my shape. We will stay now on some good base milage with only a bit of intensity and won`t race too much in the next few months to prepare proper for the olympics. Good times:)!


(I gave it all last weekend as you can see:)

Cheers Andi




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