Back to work!

(recovery Thai style)

Hallo everybody!

Back in Austria, back to training:)! It was a taff year with lots of up and downs, but I try to life in the moment and not look back. We analyzed a  lot and we learned a lot. Next year gonna be different and we go back to oldschool daz coaching.

Consistent good training and no stress is my motto for the upcoming period.

I had a good couple of weeks of with doing nothing and recover my immun system in Thailand. Once back home I started back into training and built a good support system around my new home in Salzburg next to the olympic center. Its great to train back home, we have a whole lot of trails a good pool and cycling is great as well.

Its always nice to meet some other austrian sport peoples back home and to chat with one or the other winter olympic medal winners. Its inspiring to hear their story and to have the same dream to make the olympics.

Middle of Jan I`m going back to my squad in OZ, but meanwhile I enjoy being with my family and train a lot in the austrian winter!

Have a great and healthy new year!


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