15th place in the final race!

Hi everybody!

The last race of the season, the World Cup in Aukland, is history and I`m right now already in Thailand on holiday.

I had a great week with my homestay Sue and Graham and prepared as good as possible for the last big hit out of the year. The course was a really good (taff) one and a big amount of spectators was expected, so I was looking forward to get out there and race.

My swim was very average and I felt a bit lost and beaten up, but I tried not to lose motivation and fight hard, knowing that I can catch back some time on the hilly bike course.

Coach Darren and me had only about 3 1/2 weeks time to prepare for the last race block and on the bike I can pick up some good shape pretty fast. That paid off on that day and worked quite hard the whole 40km. We had a lead group of about 8 people in front and I managed to work my way from pretty much last to the main chase bunch.

Like always in ITU racing, only a few people are willing to work and do a proper race, the rest is sitting on the wheel and simulate not being able to help. I got quite frustrated with some of them, which I regret, since thats the way these races are played.

My motivation was different, go hard or go home! and I had fun riding that course:) We managed to get rid of quite a few people and after T2 I tried to hang on the pack for Top10. I cramped a bit in the first lap and lost contact, but managed to catch a few people from the lead pack. In the end I finished 15th place, which was good Olympic points and a ok end of the season.

The most important for me and Darren is, that we are the only one who know with how much little training we could squeeze the best result possible out and that was a good learning experience. Next year gonna be hopefully a more healthy and mistake free year, where we can just do the consistent work and better days will come for sure!

cheers Andi


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