Aukland WC – The final of a long season!

Hello everybody!

I`m since six days in Aukland with my great homestay Sue and Graham, who give me the feeling of being home, after a long time on the road! Thanks a lot guys!!! + David + Tom and family. Its great to have now some more friends on the other side of the world:)

My travel from Columbia was very long, but it was also a smooth one, so I found my legs quite quick here. I managed to get some good training in, but not enough to upset my immun system or the recovery process.

The race gonna happen on the weekend in downtown Aukland on a really nice and hard course. The bike is like the original Columbia WC course pretty hard and if the legs are behaving, I should have some good fun!:)

I think just like before the last race, my coach and me a did a good job and we made the best out of the situation we are in. After that last chase for points, my body is ready for some holiday and fulling up the batteries! More on that later, first its race time:)

Cheers from the beautiful New Zealand!


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1 Response to Aukland WC – The final of a long season!

  1. steff says:

    Hi Andi,
    meld Dich bitte mal kurz. Bräucht dringend ein Pressefoto von Dir. Egal ob mit Ergo oder ohne.


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