Guatape race report:

Hey everybody,

yesterday was my first race after being sick for three weeks and four weeks of training in Arizona with my coach. So the preperation for this race in altitude of 2000hm was quite short, but we did the best job we could in that amount of time.

We came in thursday and I struggeld quite a bit with the lack of oxygen and never really got used to it. Sedona was only on 1400 and this race was about 700hm higher, thats quite a difference.

I had an average swim but managed to bridge to the front after 2km. From there on we raced quite hard and I had good legs. The pace was high, but there was never a problem to stay in front and counter some attacks on the last two hills. After T2 I tried to find rythm but my legs were not moving, I guess due to the altitude.

I managed to bring home a solid 19th place into the finish, only to find out that they disqualified me. It`s my fault that I couldn`t see the board, a professional checks before the race, not during.

I found out that I managed to put all in the box, but when I jumped on my bike I was with the foot straight on the line and it has to be after the line. What 10cm can do……:(

Of course I`m very dissapointed with me and with not making Olympic points! There is not much time to think about the past, tom I fly to Aukland and prepare for my last race of the season.

cheers andi

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2 Responses to Guatape race report:

  1. peter says:

    hi andreas,
    hätten gerne vor dem event in aus ein interview. emailadresse somehow?

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