Hello everybody,

the last few month were quite taff and a bit crazy. I was sick before I went to the last two Asian races and our plan was to prepare straight after Yokohama for the next block of racing. But on the flight home I catched the flu and was all the time back home in Salzburg in bed with fever.

Just before I left for our last training camp of the season in Arizona, I was feeling better and ready to fly. The coach did a great job with me up here the altitude of Sedona and we built back day by day, looking for the consistency.

Now 1 1/2 weeks later we are in the full swing again and my body is handling the training really well. Sedona is a stunning place and a very motivating and inspiring area. In my flickr account are some nice picks, which I will update every now and then.

My next race is the World Cup in Columbia in about three weeks and since there is not much time, we will race from some solid miles, instead of hard intensity work. Its a bit special again, but the whole year was like that:)

We learned a lot from this year and I`m sure that I will benefit from that different experiences in the near future!

Cheers Andi

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