Race report WCS Yokohama

Hello everybody!

The race in Yokohama went as expected and it was again a quite hard experience.  After the health problems in august and the short preperation phase, my goal was “just” a Top 30, to get my start place for next year and some olympic points.

I had another solid swim and I was in lap 1 in the lead pack with another 40 guys. The bike course was crazy with about twenty corners per lap where you needed to concentrate the whole way. I kind of enjoyed the criterium style racing, only wished to be in better shape:) The heat was also on, with 38C and 95% humidity, so hydrating was the main goal. After another great transition I was out on the run on 8th place and from now on it was all about surviving and running consistent. With a 29th place I did what I could on that day and raced quite clever, but of course its not what I want.

I said already before the race that my main goal is coming home healthy to able to do the work for my last remaining races of the season. Having said that, I catched a virus on the way home and was for one week down with fever and a heavy cold. great:(

I guess I learned a lot this year, we made some mistakes in the prep in spring and during the summer I was always in a rush, straight after the races, to play the catch up game and raced too much. In reality there is nothing like that and I should have done a few things different and just be consistent, since thats the key. So I learned that the hard way and now I try not to stress and train whats possible till my next race in Columbia.

More on my upcoming races and where we prepare in my next blog, this one is already too long:)

cheers andi

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