Time for an update!

Hello everybody!

First of all sorry for my lack of updates since Hamburg, I had a few quite rough weeks to handle. After Hamburg I trained really good in the swiss alps and was in good shape leading into the London+Tiszi WC race block.

These two races should have been my first peak of the season, where I wanted to make some big points for the olympic ranking. Unfortunately I crashed on the bike leg in London. I had a flat tyre just after making the 1st pack and some great legs on that day. The shimano guys changed my wheel, but didn`t close my brakes. There is one corner on London where you need to slow down and when I pulled my brakes, nothing happend and I went straight into the barriers. Game over:(

I had to wait quite long in the cold rain after the crash and when I came home I had a sinus infection. So again no racing in Tiszaujvaros and instead two weeks antibiotics and no training. Not good at all!

After two weeks with no training it was quite taff to get back into training and there wasn`t much time at all to get fit for Bejing WCS and Yokohama WCS this weekend. But I decided to race, since I need to get back into racing rythm and I picked up the training quite good.

Leading into Bejing Grand Final my expectations were quite low with very little hard running in the legs, but the last sessions with my training Bart in Davos were ok, so I wanted at least a solid race.

Coming race day I felt good considering and was looking forward to get on that hard bike course. I had a ok swim and came out of the water close to the 1st pack, which I was happy with, since I wasnt in the water for more then one week during my sinus infection.

Unfortunately an ITU race marshal thought I did a false start, which was a mistake we saw on the video, and I got a 15sec penalty in T1. So I missed the 1st pack and was in the chase group with some good cyclist like Ruedi Wild, Macca and Pais. I felt good up the 1st hill but already on the 1st downhill the cold killed me. Usually I like the cold, but on that day I couldn`t stand it and was shacking on the bike, unable to help Macca and Wild, who did all the work alone.

Coming of the bike I cramped and was like a stone, no chance to get the cold legs going. So I did a training run, since I didn`t want to drop out.

Now I`m here in Yokohama and try to get ready for the race. I think I did a good job to recover and get also some base endurance work done. Here it is hot and after we didn`t see the sun two weeks in Bejing I feel much better. The Japanese people are great hosts and I like this country a lot. We see how I can handle the heat and humidity on monday and I hope to get a solid race done.

The expectations are again not high, but I want to have a clean and good race which helps me to progress. After that I`m back in a big work block, where that will be and with whom I write after the race.

Cheers Andi

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