Hamburg done, back in the mountains!

Hello everybody!

Another WCS Hamburg race is in the history books and I`m already right in the middle of a big training block in Davos. (As I wrote in my last post) I went to Hamburg with a good feeling, since I did a good short block after Europeans, but not completely rested. There was simply not enough time and with three races in a row in august, we needed to fit some training in.

So enough with the excuses:), I had a solid race, but nothing special. I had another good swim, coming around the 1st buoy top 12, so the speed is there. After an average T1 I had to play catch up for about two laps. My legs were really flat from the 1st meter, so I couldn`t take a lot of lead outs on the bike, which is not normal for me. The speed was high this time and the surges hurt my legs quite a bit. I still managed to get of the bike in front and T2 was ok.

I hoped for better legs on the run, but down the long straight, I just had no leg speed and had to settle a slower pace, than I can do at the moment. I managed to get in a solid run and finished 23rd. The result is again some ok points, but not the Top15 I was looking for. But the field is so competitive right now, that I need to have a good to ok day and not a “tired” day.

The next day I watched the girls race with three of my training partners in the field and my AUT team mate Lisa Perterer. They are all inspiring to me and I like to watch them going hard. Barb managed to take over the number one in the world spot, which she really deserve. She is always a true professional and one of the hardest worker I know. Our young austrian showed again a great race, especially after the good race she did already in Edmonton, more to come….:)

With London, Tiszi and Lausanne three races in a row are coming up and I will train as hard as I can the next few weeks to improve my game!

Cheers from the cold mountains!


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