And its racing time again!

Hello everybody!

Today is my last day up in the mountains, before my team mates + coach daz head off to the WCS race in Hamburg. After the Europeans I had a rough time for a couple of days, since my stomach was still not behaving  and it took a lot of energy.

But my spirit is and was high and I really wanted to get that hard training done. So my coach and me had to find a bit of balance and listen very carefully to the body signs. With some good communication and a great support staff we got some pretty good training done. Thanks guys:)!!

The WCS Hamburg is one of the nicest races out there and I`m always looking forward to race there. The crowd is just amazing and our german neighbours know how to set up a big sport event. My shape is not bad and we did everything we could in this short period between Pontevedra and now, so there is no regrets and or looking back. I wanna have a clean and hard race and give the best I can.

Last but not least I wanna say congratulations to my Austrian team mate Lisa Perterer for her 3rd place on the Edmonton WC. She is only 19en years of age and has no experience yet. Its still a long way to go for the WCS races, but if she is willing to do the hard work, (like I see my training partners Barb, Groffy, Lisa, Vix,…) then there is a lot more to come. She is not the only one we have in my home country, we have a couple of young athletes with a lot of talent and if someone shows them the right way, we could have a great future!

Cheers from Davos!


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