Thanks Salzburg, hello Davos!

Hello everybody!

After a good block of early season racing, the european season is approaching very quickly. I was lucky with the weather back home in Salzburg and managed to get three really good training weeks done. It was a good mix of all three and a lot of basic conditioning, nothing crazy.  Now its time to pack my gear again and move to Davos for the D-squad summer camp in high altitude. We will be based until September up there and I`m looking forward to drive my Subaru up there again.

I like the small town in the swiss alps and I have some good memories from last year. I will also see my squad members again and I`m sure the coach has some hard training planned. The season is pretty long this year, with four World Cups at the end of the year, so there is no rush right now. My shape will get better from race to race and in between I will train as hard as possible.

Bring on the good times and the thin air:)!

Cheers Andi

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