Race report WC Mooloolaba:

Hello everybody!

The first olympic distance of the season is history and I`m back in Canberra. I had a few days to reflect the race and it was a good hit out, to see where we are at the moment.

Since my big goal is the European Season, from Kitzbühel onwards, we still haven`t done any speed work on the run and the whole group was mostly working on the basics and the technic. We hope to get a big benefit out of that, later this year.

After a long training block of about eight weeks non stop training, we only reduced it a little bit to freshen up. Unfortunatly the week was still very busy and I was never really able to recover.

When race day was coming I usually feel the energy, but on that day, I just felt flat and had a nice headache. But thats life and I tried to stay positif and do my best job.

The ocean was, like always in Mooloolaba, very choppy and we had a good surf coming in. Coach Daz trains us like open water swimmers, so I knew that will suit my style, once we made it around the first turn. Yes and it worked out for me on that day:) Like at the Ocenia Champs in Kinloch, I was feeling very safe and had a good catch. I didn`t know where I was exactly with all the waves, but I had Gomez and Stu Hayes next to me. At the end I was Top15 out of the water and for the first time on an olympic distance, all our work in the swim over the past couple of month paid off! Thanks coach:)

The bike was then pretty easy, no wonder, the course is a joke. There is only twice per lap a little hill to climb, the rest is flat out and back. So after about one lap our group was growing from about 17ten people to 60. On the downhill to transition I had no problems to stay on the front and came about 6th of the bike. When I wanted to throw my helmet in my box, I stopped, since there where the pink googles from Drew Box in. So my transition was about ten sec slower then most of the guys and my good position was gone and I had to play catch up.

Other then the bike course, the run course is probably the hardest on the circuit, only up or down with lots of wind. Especially the wind was the problem, since I missed all the good running groups after transition and felt also very flat from the start. So I had to run my own race and after about 2km I was still about 50ies place, not good! The longer the race was going, my legs got better and better and my last 5km very pretty good. With 300m to go I worked myself up to place 18ten just behind Christian Prochnow. But I started the sprint a bit to early and couldn`t get into the second gear, when a group of five sprinted past me with 100m to go. 24th place is for sure not result I wanted, but I`m really happy with the swim and despite being very flat and tired from training, I could show a solid race on a tough course.

The race should help my legs to go a bit faster in two weeks in Sydney and then a week later at Ishigaki WC. Now I try to recover as good as possible and hopfully coach Daz will try to get me a bit fresher on the start in two weeks.   

Cheers from Canberra!


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