(Fall arrived in Canberra, time for my new fast Blue Seventy Helix!)

Hello everybody!

Another few weeks are in the logbook and the season is coming closer and closer. You can feel that very good here in Canberra, it’s always dark when I leave the house for our biking and it is getting colder. We had some rides, where we started at about 10deg in the morning, so summer is defenetly over.

On the other hand I feel it in training, since the sessions are getting taffer and the last few weeks were the biggest in my life so far. On most days I go to bed tired and wake up tired, but thats normal in a big work block. I always try to remind myself, what a great job I have, what a great family and why I go out there everyday and give my best.

So far it worked good and I trained very constistent and enjoyed the whole progress. There is still not the big speed in our program, but don`t worry, that will come soon enough. The first World Cup in Mooloolaba is in about three weeks and its a first test to see where we are leading up to Sydney and the following more important european races.

Just two more weeks to put the head down, then its racing time:) Bring it on!

Cheers Andi

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