Five weeks to go Down Under!


Hello everybody!

Time is flying in Canberra and we are getting closer to the race season. Over the last couple of weeks we had a running coach from Kenya here, to help us with the running technic and bring us longterm on a new level.

I really enjoyed the work and I have the feeling that I improved a lot. We havent done much fast running yet, although some races are coming up, but as the coach said: “We are still building the diamond and not starting to polish it already, as some others do.”

My main goals are the summer WCS races where I wanna show how much I have improved and I still see this year to bring my running and swimming on the next level. Non the less I will race the Mooloolaba WC  in five weeks and two weeks later the big Sydney WCS race, one of my favorites on the tour.

The whole squad is really moving forward at the moment and the spirits are high, I`m looking forward for that year. Congrats to my team mate Vicky Holland, who won last weeks Takapuna race in New Zealand. The race was live on the TV with some really good competition.  

The next five weeks I will put my head down and work everyday and each session as good as possible. I know that this time and effort will pay of later this season.

cheers Andi

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