4th place ITU Point Race Kinloch – Ozeanian Championship

Hi everybody!

The first Triathlon race of the season is done and I enjoyed every minute of it.
It was the good hit out we wanted and I raced up to my expectations.
After nearly four weeks of training in Canberra, it was a good chance to see where we are at the moment and to grab some ITU points.
We haven`t done any fast running yet and so I already knew before, that it gonna be interesting with a strong field of New Zealanders and Aussies on the line.
But the course is one of the harder ones (much better then this flat city circuit stuff), so it was a good test in all three disciplines.
I felt good in the swim in the last few weeks and as well on the race today. The water was choppy and it was lots of fighting at the beginning, but I swam my way back to the front pack again.
So on the first bike kms we were Tony Doods, James Elvery, Aaron Barclay, Jamie Huggett and me. Later on Sissons, Brandon Sexton and another two guys joined the group.
Out on the run, I felt the hard bike quite a bit, but so did the others. Only Doods had a great day and got away. So it was Sexton, Huggett and me battling out the podium. Finally I didn`t had the speed, so I finished 4th with 9sec on Sexton and four sec on Huggett.
We are in a very early stage of the season and my first bigger race will be Sydney WCS in eight weeks, so I`m pleased with this result and tomorrow I will be back to “work”.
The real big races for me are coming then middle of June, way to go!!!!

Thanks a lot to my great homestay the Dochertys here in Taupo. It was great to meet Irene and Ray and I`m looking forward to come back. Maybe for the famous Ironman in a few years:)

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